• ECSA - Spring
      North Carolina Football Club will be taking on Jacksonville Armada on Saturday, May 13th, 7:30pm at WakeMed Soccer Park. Click HERE and use your promo code “ECSA” to receive discounted tickets anywhere in the stadium. To hear more about Group of 10 or more price please  feel free to give Brian Cassidy a call at 919-459-7736. 
      PLEASE VERIFY SCHEDULE EVERY FRIDAY EVENING TO CONFIRM TIME AND LOCATION.  Schedule is subject to change based upon logistical requirements to support the events.  It is the responsibility of the Coach or Team Official to ensure the scores are updated on this website.  Please contact your club rep for access.  

      If you are unable to input scores, send an email with your full name of team, individual, & email address to be notified to your club rep ASAP.  

      Per ECSA Policy, our System will only show a 7 goal difference on game scores to discourage 'running the score' on teams.  Do not ask to have your true score posted.  Ranking is done by Win/Loss and Head-to Head, goals scored is not used to determine standings.
      No Pets are allowed at the following fields:  Richlands, Southwest, Summersill, Havelock, Piney Green, Rotary Park, JASA, and Swansboro.  Service Dogs are permitted but, must be on leash and observed by owner at all times.  
      Team Staff that want access to update scores need to go through their local club.  Team Staff must have a background check for access, this is completed by your local club.  Do not request access by clicking the email button in the top left corner, you will not receive a response.

      Match Report is available under the Documents Menu, Each team will need one for every match.  Team and/or Club Officials are responsible for updating scores.  

      ** Rain is an acceptable playing condition**, 30/30 Rule is in effect.  If Lightning is seen or Thunder is heard, seek shelter immediately.  Play will resume 30 minutes after the LAST sight or sound of Lightning or Thunder.  

      Thanks for visiting our scheduling website.

      See ya on the Pitch!



      Coaches Box

      • Coaches - If you need an ID and access code for your team, please contact your local club.  If there is no NCYSA badge carrying member to represent the team, the team will forfeit the game and be reported to ECSA and Club President.

      • Coaches -  It is your responsibility to ensure good sportsmanship at all times.  NEVER disrespect the Referees or Field Officials and by any and all means, prevent large scoring differentials.  Consistent and extreme Goal Differentials will be reported to club Presidents.
      • Any game changes must be made through your Club Rep and must follow ECSA Policy.  Talk to your club rep for specifics.

      • NCYSA 30/30 Policy - If you hear thunder or see lightning, clear the fields and seek shelter immediately.  In order to resume play, 30 minutes must pass after the last thunder or lightning is heard or seen.  

      • GOAL SAFETY - To help prevent deaths and injuries associated with soccer goals, follow the NCYSA safety suggestions to secure ALL goals before play.